This is a timeline of the Nolanverse.

BBB = "before Batman Begins" BB = events during Batman Begins. BTDK = events before The Dark Knight TDK = events during The Dark Knight

All dates are approximate.

29 years BBB:

21 years BBB:

7 years BBB:

  • Bruce throws away his identification and leaves the United States to better understand criminality[1]
  • Ra's al Ghul begins training Bruce to become a member of the League of Shadows


  • Bruce overcomes his fear of bats
  • Bruce creates the Batman persona
  • As a favour to Carmine Falcone, Scarecrow declares Victor Zsasz insane to spare him from Blackgate Prison, and sends him to Arkham Asylum
  • Batman takes out a Falcone drug shipment, capturing Carmine Falcone himself
  • Carmine Falcone is incarcerated in Arkham where Scarecrow drives him insane
  • Batman saves Rachel Dawes from Scarecrow at Arkham Asylum
  • Wayne Manor is burned down by the League of Shadows (on Bruce Wayne's birthday)
  • Batman stops Ra's al Ghul from destroying Gotham using Scarecrow's toxin. He leaves Ra's for dead
  • Sgt James Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant
  • The Joker starts his life of crime in Gotham


  • Harvey Dent is elected District Attorney
  • Lt. Gordon launches sting operations against corrupt police officers
  • The Joker launches a crime spree


  • The Joker attacks and steals from the Gotham National Bank (a mob bank)
  • The Mobsters meet with Joker who bargains to kill Batman
  • Batman goes to Hong Kong to bring back Lau
  • The Joker kills Gambol
  • The Joker has Judge Surillo and Comissioner Loeb murdered
  • The Joker attacks Bruce's party in order to try to kill Dent
  • The Joker attempts to kill Mayor Garcia at the funeral procession for Commissioner Loeb, wounding Lt. Gordon
  • Dent turns himself in as "Batman". Joker tries to kill Dent but is apprehended by Batman
  • Gordon is promoted to Commissioner
  • Batman interrogates the Joker, who reveals he has kidnapped Rachel and Dent. While Batman and Gordon rush to save them, the Joker escapes custody with Lau
  • The Joker kills Rachel. Harvey Dent is horribly scarred
  • The Joker kills Lau and the Chechen
  • The Joker threatens to blow up a hospital. He meets with Dent and turns him insane, creating Two-Face
  • Two-Face kills Sal Maroni and Det. Wuertz, but spares Det. Ramirez
  • Joker holds two ferry boats hostage as part of a "social experiment". He is stopped by Batman and the GPD
  • Two-Face holds Gordon's family hostage, threatening to kill his son. Gordon's son is saved by Batman but Harvey Dent is killed. Batman takes the blames for Harvey's death and those he killed
  • Batman is declared a fugitive and the Batsignal is destroyed


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