Harvey "Two-face" Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City. He later became a vigilante who left peoples' lives to the flip of his coin.


Dent considers himself to have no family but Rachel Dawes. He works in internal affairs, during which time he is given the nickname "Two-face" in his effort to stamp out corruption. Following Dawes' term as "intrim D.A."[1] after the murder of the previous D.A. Carl Finch, Dent is elected with seventy percent of the vote. In his early days in office, he takes part in a hostage situation in which he negotiates for himself to replace the hostage being held in exchange for the hostage's release. He appears on Gotham Tonight in which he defends his attempts to weed out corrupt elements in the Gotham City Police Department. Expressing approval of the vigilante known as Batman, Dent sees himself as a defender of the City's interests. The media labels him "Gotham's white knight". When Rachel is murdered by the Joker however, Dent begins taking revenge on those he considers guilty, including detectives Weurtz and Ramirez. Before he has the chance to hurt Jim Gordon's son Jim Jr., Batman tackles him over the side of a ledge, and he dies.


Dent's coin is a 1922 Peace Dollar.

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