Batmobile[[The Dark Knight|]]

The Batmobile is the car used by Batman to combat crime in Gotham City. Like the Batarang, Batsignal and Batcave, it is not referred to by its "bat" prefix name in the films. Before it is obtained and customised by Bruce Wayne, the prototype form is once referred to in Batman Begins as "the tumbler". It is referred to as the Batmobile in the script for The Dark Knight.

In Gotham Knight, it has several aesthetic designs that depart drastically from that in the live action films.


  • Missiles
  • The car's computer has a robotic female voice.
  • The Batmobile can enter a "stealth mode", making it practicably invisible in the night.
  • In The Dark Knight, the Batmobile demonstrates artificial intelligence when it bids Batman "Goodbye".