Arkham Asylum is a psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Gotham City. It is located on an island accessible by a bridge until the events of Batman Begins, during which there was a mass breakout. In Gotham Knight, the entire island is used as asylum grounds.


  • Victor Zsaz is moved to the asylum at the beginning of Batman Begins.
  • Carmine Falcone successfully gets himself moved to the asylum in order to speak to his accomplice Jonathan Crane. He is later committed by Crane after being gassed with his fear toxin.
  • Crane himself is placed in the asylum when he gets a dose of his own fear toxin from Batman.
  • As with Falcone and Crane, many residents of Gotham were exposed to the fear toxin and may have also been sent to Arkham.
  • The Joker is presumably sent to Arkham following the events of The Dark Knight (Batman comments that he will "be in a padded cell forever").